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Microsoft Visio is simple and at the same very poweful aid to draw office floor plans, flow charts, network diagrams, organization charts, design PCB boards, visulize business processes and timelines, manage facilities etc. etc.

MS Visio can help even in event planning. During the Summer 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, more than 2 million meals were served at Stadium Australia. Events ranged from sponsor dinners for 20 to banquets that served thousands at Stadium Australia, Sydney Opera House and other venues. Using traditional hand-drawn floor plans to manage such a huge volume was impossible. To achieve maximum efficiency, event planners chose Microsoft Visio’s drag-and-drop interface and predefined SmartShapes® symbols to create floor plans and event layout diagrams. The time save with Visio is incredible.

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Microsoft Visio has intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Diagrams are easy to create, and the results are as accurate as those produced by more expensive and difficult to use CAD systems. Microsoft Visio is perfect for those who don’t have drawing experience, all they need to know in order to produce accurate diagrams is how to use a mouse. It usually takes less than an hour for a new user to get up to speed and start producing drawings. Learn about and MS Visio.

Visio Tutorial

Visio is versatile drawing tool

Visio is versatile drawing and diagramming software.

Visio is versatile drawing and diagramming software from Microsoft. Customer research shows that people new to Visio have two main questions: How to create drawings quickly, and what type of drawing is best for what they want to show. If you would like to change either of these preferences, please use the links in the footer at the bottom of the page. If you look at it from an engineer's or a drafter's point of view, this is all they need to do pretty much 90% of their work. We hope you enjoy the free lessons. Training Overview Mastering shapes is the key to making meaningful diagrams with Microsoft Office Visio 2007.

Microsoft Visio Tutorial

With Visio you can create

Getting started tutorial.

With Visio you can create flowcharts, organization charts, scale floorplans, network diagrams and many more types of drawing that help you communicate. Visio 2003 includes two tools to help provide these answers: getting started tutorial and diagram gallery. It can not only just do simple basic diagrams but can scale up to even designing an office space, your logos, and a whole lot of other stuff which would take you hours on a regular sheet of paper. To view the complete contents, including all the lessons below and above, please purchase the CD. Take this course and find out how to position, stack, and group shapes in MS Visio.

Microsoft Visio Tutorial

Visio Tutorial is dedicated

Many visio video tutorials.

Visio Tutorial is dedicated to bringing you the very best resources specifically for Visio, so here you will find many FREE video tutorials, many free articles written about Microsoft Visio and a selection of recommended books and software titles. With Getting Started Tutorial you can learn about Visio basics and new features in less than an hour. This tutorial is designed for people who are new to Visio. Click here to buy a CD Introducing Stencils.

Microsoft Visio Tutorial

The tutorials

Visio tutorial has been

The tutorials have been created by a Microsoft Certified Trainer and specialist Applications Trainer based in the United Kingdom. The visio tutorial walks you through the main tasks you're most likely to perform in Visio, providing animation you can watch to see how those tasks are done, and the step-by-step instructions to follow in performing them. Visio is a drawing and diagramming program that helps transform concepts into a visual representation. Collectively, the Visio products are the market-share leader for business drawing tools.

Visio Tutorial

Many Visio tutorials

Our visio tutorial is available.

Many of our online tutorials are available to watch completely free of charge, although only members can access them all. It's also a handy reference you can use at any time for quick brush-ups on your Visio skills. Visio provides you with pre-defined shapes, symbols, backgrounds, and borders. Visio can be used to quickly create a wide rage of drawings: building blueprints, street maps, project timelines, program flowcharts, network diagrams, data flow and process flow diagrams. For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to focus on how to create a flowchart diagram, and then briefly show how a wire frame for web design and an organization chart might look when drawn in Visio. Get off to a great start with the Visio 2003 Tutorial and Diagram Gallery.

Microsoft Visio step-by-step

Learn quickly how to create professional-looking floorplans, business and technical diagrams with Visio 2010. Draw organization charts, floor plans, flowcharts, and more. Create custom diagrams with your own shapes, stencils and templates. Apply color, text, and themes to your Visio diagrams. Build a variety of charts and diagrams with Visio templates. Use Visio shapes to link to, store, and visualize data. Your Step by Step Tutorial digital content includes all the book's practice files - ready to download and put to work.

The best part of this tutorial is - HOW to work with Visio 2010. It is thorough in its explanations, descriptions and graphics from start to finish. This Visio tutorial opens the software secrets up quick, and gets you into production.

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